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About Us

Tashman & Associates Solicitors is a boutique energetic legal firm that provide professional legal advice and services to our clients.

We are your lawyers and not your judges

We have been defending people for many years that have committed all kind of criminal activities or illegal behaviour. The offences range from minor offences to serious indictable offences.

We are not here to make any kind of judgment on anyone for what they have committed. That difficult role of cause is left to our judges and juries to deal with. As far as we are concerned here every one must have a fair hearing in spite of how serious or grave his or her crime is.

Our job is not to judge you but to represent you and to put your side of the story before the court.

Our main objective

Our main concern at Tashman & Associates Solicitors is to uphold our duty to the client and represent our clients needs.

We use inexpensive procedures to reslove disputes prior to any form of expensive professional legal practice to ensure client satisfaction and obtaining a favourable outcome.

Free Consultation

For a Free consultation and Legal advise give us a call on (02) 9238 1938 or send us an enquiry via our Contact Us Page.