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W Jamal, 5/8/2011

"I recomend tashman solicitors to any one seeks help, thats why they are there for you to help you if you are in need, the best solicitors i could ever ask for, very happy with services and fees.

They are very smart proffitional and helpfully when you need them, they come to you in any time when you need there help, well done Tashman & associates solicitors and thanks for all your help."

S Aziz, 24/7/2012

"The best solicitors i could ever ask for, very happy with services and fees."

Charlotte, 11/5/2013

"Excellent and professional service. Well established firm with a well known reputation. No dissapointments."

T Truong. 20/6/2013

"Driving while suspended, with a 5 year bad track record it was looking pretty bad. I wasn't expecting much. Anthony with his experecience in Traffic law took on my case, planned my court apperance down to every detail and got me a better Judgment then I could have expected!

These guys know exactly what they are doing!! they are concise and at the end of the day it comes down to their experience."

S Hussein, 15/08/2013

I got charged with a very serious matter in 2012. I was committed to the District Court and Tashman & Associates bailed me out and kept me out of jail

I was only given a bond to be on good behaviour for 18 months. i thought i was going back to jail! Thank you so so much Anthony!

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